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About Us

Beth Raines

Beth has resided in the North Dallas area for almost 30 years. She is a graduate of Plano schools and the University of Texas at Dallas. Her over 20 years of professional experience is comprised of real estate, management, marketing and customer service which enables her to provide her clients with the best quality of service possible.

After working in the corporate world at a large commercial firm, Beth decided to go out on her own in residential real estate. She quickly realized there was something missing in the residential real estate market. The simple act of responding quickly to clients and to other real estate agents was lacking in what one would normally require in a business transaction. Coming from a business background it was something she came to expect in other professional arenas, so what should be so different in residential real estate? Understanding that time is of the essence is not just a phrase in a contract, but means something to those that sign it, Raines Realty began with a simple vision in mind: treating our clients the way we would want to be treated while being as responsive as possible. It sounded simple enough, and guess what? It is! Since then, we continue to give our clients the best quality service possible, respond as quickly as possible, and strive to be their realtors for life!